Company 4.0

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Company 4.0


At SUPANOTCH, we believe that an Operations Management strategy combining Business Operations Management* and PPM** is the best way to reach the highest level of efficiency possible in an organization. Bringing a delivery-focused approach to the company it allows the development, the monitoring and the shifting (when required) of all resources, processes and business operations. The main goal is to ensure that the organization successfully turns inputs into the right outputs, based on its stakes and objectives. 


Capitalizing on a unique international industrial experience, SUPANOTCH Leadership Team is the partner of choice, allowing you to share your issues and consult on what would be the most efficient way to boost, dynamize and rationalize your business operations. We provide bespoke:

  • Organizational & Business Operations Diagnosis

  • Operations Management Consulting Services

  • Full Department Deployment & Standardization

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Company 4.0 : One goal. Operational Excellence. 

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*Business Operations Management: Discipline combining the mastering of Business Development, Resources Management, Profitability and Internal/External Governance Management.


**PPM: Discipline combining the mastering of Portfolio/Programme/Project Management, Risk Management, Budget/Cost Management and Delivery Management.